July 29, 2023

Richele Kramer

Mother, Friend, Podcaster and Life Coach

Richele has been gifted with a heart for people for as long as she can remember and was the “go-to” person for her friends even as a child for them to come to for advice and share their troubles. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of New Orleans in 1997, had her first daughter in 1998 and her second in 2003 and was a full-time wife and mother before embarking on a career as a Transformational Life Coach in 2019.

Host Of...

The Coaching Closet

Have you ever put together an outfit that was just right, making you feel amazing from head to toe? It takes thought, planning and effort to create that perfect look. In life and in our relationships it’s the same. It’s like a unique puzzle with individual pieces that we must pay attention to in order for everything to work together. If something is missing it’s like walking out of the house with no pants on.

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