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July 29, 2023

Fritz + Louise


Fritz Coleman is a 5 time Emmy Award Winning Stand-Up Comedian and former NBC Weathercaster, and Louise Palanker is a writer, director, producer, filmmaker, author, photographer, comedian, podcaster, musician/songwriter, teacher, and co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks.

Host Of...

Media Path Podcast

Have you ever become obsessed with a topic and taken a deep dive into consuming all you could uncover about it? Join hosts Fritz Coleman, a legendary Los Angeles weatherman and 5 time Emmy Award Winning Stand-Up Comedian, and Louise Palanker, a filmmaker/columnist and co-founder of Premiere Radio, as they take you along on a scenic tour through books, movies, TV, podcasts and music related to a given topic of captivation. They explore entertainment, politics, history, true crime, world events and all of their intriguing intersections.

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